Due to changes in safeguarding and health & safety in schools, all pupils who attend The Hurst on crutches or using a leg brace, provided to them by their GP or Consultant, whether on a temporary or permanent basis will require an assessment to be completed prior to being allowed to stay in the College.

The assessment is to confirm whether the pupil will be safe enough to stay in school, and will not injury themselves further or cause injury to others.

Parents of pupils using crutches should telephone the school, as soon as possible, informing the Welfare Office/Medical Room of the injury and confirm the date of the pupils' return.  The pupil must be brought into reception on their first day back, where the assessment can then be carried out.  Parents are required to stay with the pupil until the assessment is completed, as there have been a small number of instances where pupils have had to return home as the College has deemed them to be unsafe.

Any medication brought into school (except emergency medication) should be handed into the Medical Room on arrival with a letter from a parent/guardian confirming that the school is allowed to administer the medication to their son/daughter, the time and dosage.

For further information and guidance on illness and other injury, click here or select the 'Info' tab, then 'Pastoral'.