In the Languages department at The Hurst, we not only teach students to speak French, German and Spanish but we also aim to increase their wider communication skills and enhance their cultural knowledge.  Languages are taught using a variety of teaching and learning methods, using authentic materials and giving pupils the opportunity to use languages in real-life situations.


Our aims and objectives are to:

Learn about the basic structure of language and how language can be manipulated.

Explore similarities and differences between the language they are learning and English.

Enhance listening, reading and memory skills.

Promote key skills such as communication, IT, working with others, improving learning on their own and problem solving.

Provide a course of study for students of all abilities.

Teach languages in an interesting and stimulating manner, encourage students to enjoy the subject and aim high to realise their full potential for learning.

Offer a foundation on which students can continue language learning post 16.

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