In Key Stage 3 students will find themselves taking a journey through a variety of sports, honing skills and traits that make not only a successful sportsperson, but a well-rounded individual.

Within each lesson students will be encouraged to adopt a range of tactics and strategies to overcome their opponents, thus becoming a knowledgeable sportsperson. As they move through the Key Stage, they will be able to deeply analyse their own as well as others’ performance, whilst having the ability to suggest ways in how to further improve performance. They will find themselves faced with many challenges that require development and refining of personal technique in order to better their performance.

All students will experience the Sport Education Model. The model allows students to adopt a number of roles that broadens their minds and experiences within sport. As well as a performer, students can adopt the role of a coach, manager, organiser, and an official. These roles enable students to explore their personal and social skills, making them that well-rounded individual.