About the PDL Department



The PDL Programme of study promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.  The aim is to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

PDL provides pupils with the skills, confidence and ability to make the right choices and encourages them to stay safe and be healthy.

In PDL lessons, pupils study three subjects:

  • Citizenship - Autumn Term
  • RE - Spring Term
  • PSHE - Summer Term

Parents and guardians can contact Miss Smith if you have any areas of concern regarding the Personal Development Learning (PDL) Curriculum. 


PDL Department Staff


Mrs C Pettican

Head of Department
  Mr N Stoten PDL Teacher



Mrs C Line PDL Teacher



Mrs Foster

PDL Teacher



Key Stage 3 - PDL

Year 7

PSHE Curriculum

Relationships - Friendships, family, building positive relationships, peer pressure

Health & Wellbeing - Puberty and relationships, rumours and bullying, health and safety, importance of exercise, effects of alcohol, smoking

Living in the wider world - personal safety, racism and bullying, employment, managing my money


RE Curriculum

Who is Jesus? - How do I see the world?  Types of belief, belief in Jesus, why is Jesus a saviour for Christians?  What is the cost of agape?

What the Buddha taught - Can Buddha's teaching help us understand suffering?  What is the value of the concept of samsara?  How useful is the concept of sila?  What is meditation?



Democracy - What is a citizen?  Good and bad citizens, how is Britain governed?

Diversity - Diversity in Britain

Rights and responisbilities - The UN and the rights of the child

Finance - How to manage your money, managing risk


Year 8

PSHE Curriculum

Health & Wellbeing - habits for a lifetime (healthy eating), positive body image (including information on self-harm), keeping safe on the roads, online safety

Relationships - family, dealing with death, child beauty pageants, smoking, drugs, relationships, contraception and STIs

  Living in the wider world - gender identity, discrimination, money (including social and moral issues)


RE Curriculum

Does God exist? - How do we know things?  Numinous experience, mystical experience, does the conscience prove the existence of God?

One billion people follow Islam, so what does it mean to be a Muslim? - What does it mean to be a Muslim?  Tawheed, does umma make Islam threatening of a global force for good?  Does Allah demand too much?



Democracy - Being a citizen of the UK, how the government works, people and parliment, should we have a queen?

Diversity - Diversity in Britain

Rights and responisbilities - UK rights

Finance  - managing money, employment

Year 9

PSHE Curriculum

Relationships - marriage, seperation and divorce, what is consent?  Consent and the law, the right to withdraw consent, sexual and other violence

Health & Wellbeing - eating disorders, medicine, first aid, over the counter medicines

  Living in the wider world - gambling and risk, the labour market, getting a job, managing my money


RE Curriculum

Gandhi, the man, his vision - an inspirational individual?  - why was justice important to Gandhi?  The Amritsar massacre, satyagraha, Gandhi's vision, 'non-violence is more powerful than all the weapons of mass destruction in the world' do you agree?

Jewish identity - What is the significance of the covenant between God and Abraham?  Is circumcision important for Jews today?  Passover, the Torah, is Israel the Homeland of Judaism?



Democracy - What is a citezen?  The end of the union flag?

Diversity - Diversity in Britain

Rights and responisbilities - Do I lead a life of a typical young person?  Is it ever ok to take away human rights?

Finance  - Do you have a plan for your life?  Finance, employment, careers