Learning for Life Days
‘Learning for Life’ days are cross-curricular days where pupils learn new skills and take part in
unique and engaging lessons. This forms a vital part of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and
cultural development (SMSC).
Each Learning for Life day centres on Citizenship (Autumn term) Religious Studies (Spring
term) and PSHE (Summer term). For example, in the Spring term Year 8 will be spending the
day focusing on the concept of what it means to be free and Year 11 will be investigating the
purpose of war.
Throughout the year we have also arranged for external agencies to deliver performances,
presentations and workshops. This year we are looking forward to performances by Peer
Productions (http://peerproductions.co.uk/) as well as workshops run by the charity SafeDate
(http://www.safepartnership.org/). In the Autumn Term pupils in Year 7 will be receiving
lessons on First Aid from St John’s Ambulance. The Army and the Prison service will also be
running workshops for our pupils.
The ‘Learning for Life’ days are listed on the school calendar and a full timetable is available
on the school website.
Mrs Pettican and Miss Farleigh