The Hurst Community College is a Healthy School and we safeguard and promote each pupil’s welfare.
We respect each other!   We look after each other!  There is always someone available to help you and listen to any problems you may have.  On rare occasions, however, it may be necessary for that person to seek advice from other staff in order that you are kept safe.

In our school everyone, staff and pupils, can expect to be treated in a polite, kind and courteous manner.  We should all enjoy being in school.  It is therefore unacceptable to take part in any of the following:-
1)    Name calling
2)    Using threatening language                
3)    Making racial comments
4)    Stealing from each other or staff
5)    Writing unpleasant comments about others (in books or handbooks, on school property
6)    Hitting someone
7)    Stirring – which means: spreading rumours, telling tales, telling another pupil someone else has made an unkind comment
8)    Texting offensive messages

If you do any of these things you can expect to be punished.  Of course this list does not cover all unkind behaviour but it gives you a clear idea of how Hurst pupils are expected to behave towards each other.

It is also every pupil’s right to walk around school without worrying about who is coming in the other direction.  THERE IS NO PLACE FOR BULLIES AT THE HURST, THEY WILL BE DEALT WITH SEVERELY.  Remember, it is your job to look out for each other and tell a teacher if you think bullying is happening.  We can only act if you tell us!

Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary for the headteacher to exclude some pupils because they have chosen to behave in a totally unacceptable manner.  The following are examples of such behaviour.

1)    Possession of and dealing in illegal drugs;
2)    Possession of/use of an offensive weapon or dangerous substances; e.g. a knife or a lighter;
3)    Acts of violence – which include threats;
4)    Continual refusal to obey staff or school rules including uniform regulations;
5)    Bullying;
6)    Vandalism;
7)    Persistent disruption – both in lessons and around the site;
8)    Using the Internet inappropriately.
9)    Swearing.