To support your learning - 

We are able to order revision guides at a vastly reduced price.  We are currently recommending the CGP GCSE AQA French, German or Spanish Revision and Practice Books.  Letters will be distributed at various points during the course to GCSE pupils or ask your teacher for more information.

The MFL department subscribes to Kerboodle to support the GCSE course, as well as Linguascope for all years to access and practise vocabulary.

In order to access these websites, usernames and passwords are available from the MFL team.

There are many other useful websites and apps for revision and language learning, some of which aare listed below:

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

To enhance language-learning as well as to give pupils an opportunity to gain a new and different perspective, the department is keen to run trips to allow pupils the opportunity to utilise their linguistic skills in a real-life situation.

We organise the following trips -

Day trip to Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France - Year 7

We are very pleased to organise this trip in the summer to allow the majority of Year 7 pupils to experience some time in a continental culture, whether they are learning French or German.  We usually go in the summer term and pupils really enjoy noticing both the similarities and differences between the UK and the north of France.

5-Day Trip to The Black Forest, Germany and Alsace, France - Year 8

For the past few years, we have run this exciting trip which allows pupils of both French and German to see and experience life in these two regions.  Pupils stay in a traditional hotel in the Black Forest area and have the opportunity to explore the French city of Strasbourg, the Alsace region of France, as well as Freiburg im Breisgau, the capital of the Black Forest and other towns in that area of Germany.  The trip offers the pupils the possibility of discovering the historical area, as well as using and developing their linguistic knowledge.

Weekend Trips to Christmas Markets in Germany and France - Year 10

In recent years, we have been able to organise and offer a trip to visit Christmas Markets in Aachen, Cologne and Lille.  Pupils have enjoyed exploring these cities and their exciting Christmas markets and have appreciated having the opportunity to practise using the languages that they have been learning.

Basingstoke MFL Challenge - Year 10

Whenever possible, we have entered this competitive event against other secondary schools in the Basingstoke and Deane area.  The selected pupils work in teams of four to promote an event or an organisation in a specific area.  They create all of the resources in the foreign language, producing written, visual and audio materials, working with others to specific deadlines and time limits.  It is a great opportunity for pupils to use their languages in a situation from the world of work.