About the Subject:

Exam Board: AQA

Product Design is a brilliant way to express your creative style and individual taste through design work and practical projects. Pupils will have the chance to create unique pieces that could reflect past design eras and people or invent own individual creations. The course will be made up of practical projects, design portfolios, advertisement tools and CAD/CAM, giving pupils a range of skills in a number of areas. They will have the opportunity to work with any material from woods, metals and plastics to textiles, food and ceramics.


Area of study:

  • Design History
  • Modelling
  • Consumer Issues
  • Creative Design and Make tasks - Plastics, Metal, Wood, Textiles, Food, Paper/Card, Smart Materials, Ceramics.
  • Commercial Production
  • Researching
  • Packaging and Point of Sales
  • Materials and Processes
  • Human Factors
  • Sketching, rendering and portfolio pages.
  • Marketing, Advertisement.


60% Coursework – A single design and make activity of your choice selected from a list of set tasks. You will produce a practical piece alongside a 20 page design folder.
40% Written Exam – The exam will be split up into a design question based on context supplied prior to the exam and a series of questions covered during the course.
Career opportunities and progression routes
AS/A-Level Design Technology, Product Design, Graphic Design, Advertising, Architecture, Interior Design, Textiles, Packaging design, Industrial Design, Teaching.


              Product Design