Year 7

PSHE Curriculum

Relationships - Friendships, family, building positive relationships, peer pressure

Health & Wellbeing - Puberty and relationships, rumours and bullying, health and safety, importance of exercise, effects of alcohol, smoking

Living in the wider world - personal safety, racism and bullying, employment, managing my money


RE Curriculum

Who is Jesus? - How do I see the world?  Types of belief, belief in Jesus, why is Jesus a saviour for Christians?  What is the cost of agape?

What the Buddha taught - Can Buddha's teaching help us understand suffering?  What is the value of the concept of samsara?  How useful is the concept of sila?  What is meditation?



Democracy - What is a citizen?  Good and bad citizens, how is Britain governed?

Diversity - Diversity in Britain

Rights and responisbilities - The UN and the rights of the child

Finance - How to manage your money, managing risk


Year 8

PSHE Curriculum

Health & Wellbeing - habits for a lifetime (healthy eating), positive body image (including information on self-harm), keeping safe on the roads, online safety

Relationships - family, dealing with death, child beauty pageants, smoking, drugs, relationships, contraception and STIs

  Living in the wider world - gender identity, discrimination, money (including social and moral issues)


RE Curriculum

Does God exist? - How do we know things?  Numinous experience, mystical experience, does the conscience prove the existence of God?

One billion people follow Islam, so what does it mean to be a Muslim? - What does it mean to be a Muslim?  Tawheed, does umma make Islam threatening of a global force for good?  Does Allah demand too much?



Democracy - Being a citizen of the UK, how the government works, people and parliment, should we have a queen?

Diversity - Diversity in Britain

Rights and responisbilities - UK rights

Finance  - managing money, employment

Year 9

PSHE Curriculum

Relationships - marriage, seperation and divorce, what is consent?  Consent and the law, the right to withdraw consent, sexual and other violence

Health & Wellbeing - eating disorders, medicine, first aid, over the counter medicines

  Living in the wider world - gambling and risk, the labour market, getting a job, managing my money


RE Curriculum

Gandhi, the man, his vision - an inspirational individual?  - why was justice important to Gandhi?  The Amritsar massacre, satyagraha, Gandhi's vision, 'non-violence is more powerful than all the weapons of mass destruction in the world' do you agree?

Jewish identity - What is the significance of the covenant between God and Abraham?  Is circumcision important for Jews today?  Passover, the Torah, is Israel the Homeland of Judaism?



Democracy - What is a citezen?  The end of the union flag?

Diversity - Diversity in Britain

Rights and responisbilities - Do I lead a life of a typical young person?  Is it ever ok to take away human rights?

Finance  - Do you have a plan for your life?  Finance, employment, careers