In Years 7, 8 and 9, pupils develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a range of themed units. Covering prose fiction and non-fiction, drama, poetry and media texts, these engaging units meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum and Secondary National Strategy Framework for teaching English.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

Learning to Talk





Have Your Say

Contemporary Fiction

Theme Parks


Contemporary Poetry

Video Games


Literature from Different Cultures

Spoken Language

Contemporary Novel/Pre-1914 Prose



Childhood or War

Man and Nature

The Criminal Mind

Utopias and Dystopias





english ks3


Students are assessed using the APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) assessment foci and receive both verbal and written feedback about their strengths and areas to improve.  Assessments are filed in folders and students are asked to regularly monitor their progress, as part of their work in lessons.

APP Assessment Foci:

Writing Reading Speaking and Listening

AF1 Imagination

AF2 Appropriateness

AF3 Organising whole texts

AF4 Organising paragraphs

AF5 Sentences

AF6 Punctuation

AF7 Vocabulary

AF8 Spelling

AF2 Finding Information

AF3 Reading between the lines

AF4 Understanding structure

AF5 Understanding language

AF6 Purpose and viewpoint

AF7 Context



AF1 Talking to others

AF2 Talking to others

AF3 Talking within drama and role-play

AF4 Talking about talk






The department strongly promotes reading for pleasure, liaising closely with the library. Pupils have one library lesson a fortnight in Years 7 and 8, during which they develop their information literacy skills and are encouraged to follow a rich and varied reading diet.

KS3 Pupils can obtain an up-to-date list of recommended reads from our knowledgeable librarian, Mrs Gifford, or simply pick her brains for a book that suits their tastes.