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The drama curriculum in Key Stage 3 is all about developing a range of theatrical skills and is taught in mixed ability groups.  There is one lesson per week in Yr 7 and 8, with two lessons per week in Yr 9.

Year 7

1 Semiotics: The Language of Theatre.
2 Theatre History: How it all Plays Out!
3 Commedia Dell Arte: A Dying Art Form?
4 Puppetry: Bringing it to Life.
5 The Tempest: All Hail Shakespeare!
6 Ernie’s Incredible Hallucinations: From Page to Stage.

Year 8

1 Rough Theatre: Brook’s your Man.
2 Mime: The Art of Silence.
3 Devising: Starting from Scratch.
4 Murder in the Barn: Oh, What A Melodrama!
5 A Midsummer’s Night Dream: All Hail Shakespeare. 

Year 9

1 Drama Tension: The Art of Horror
2 East by Berkoff: Pseudo-Shakespeare
3 Stage Combat: Its all about Fighting
4 Comedy: Making them LOL
5 Frantic Assembly: Physical Theatre
6 Acting for Film: Lighting! Camera! Action!