The Hurst Community College Uniform

Please note that if you are not correctly dressed you may be asked to go home and change or
to work out of normal lessons.
All Years
Hurst College black crested polo shirt*
Plain black (Skoolkit type) skirt (knee length) or trousers
Hurst College black crested v-necked sweatshirt*
Tights - black/plain nylon or
Socks - black/plain and not over the knee
Hurst College black crested polo shirt*
Plain black (Skoolkit type) trousers
Hurst College black crested v-necked sweatshirt*
Socks – black/plain
Physical Education - All Years
Boys & Girls
Hurst College navy and white reversible rugby shirt #
Hurst College white crested polo shirt #
Hurst College navy crested shorts or navy SWI sport leggings (for girls) #
Pair of Hurst College crested sports socks #
Pair of trainers
Football or rugby boots
Bottle of water
Optional For All
Additionally, pupils may purchase The Hurst College tracksuit top. This can be worn for all
activities with the exception of football and rugby.
In the summer term, pupils may wear a pair of tennis socks instead of the Hurst College
socks. These socks must be white and sit above the ankle.
* These items must be purchased from Skoolkit, Church Street, Basingstoke, as the
sweatshirts and polo shirts are embroidered with the College crest. The colour of the crest
must correspond with your child’s house.
# These items of clothes must be ordered through Sportswear International (please see the
link on the website) as they are not available elsewhere
a) Plain means in style and colour, and without a pattern - not "fashion" clothes.
b) Only college sweatshirt and polo shirts may be worn. Cardigans are not allowed.
c) All skirts must be approximately knee length and must be pleated.
Trousers must not be denim, cords, chinos, jodhpurs, jeans, jeggings, leggings or tracksuit
bottoms and should be tailored. Trousers should not have any decorative detailing, for
example, trousers should not have outside pockets, visible labels or studs on the back of
the trouser. Trousers should also not be tight around the ankle.
Headwear, other than for religious reasons, is not to be worn whilst in school. Fashion
accessories such as bandanas, scarves and flowers must not be worn in the hair.
Plain coats may be worn - hoodies, denim, cord jackets or "lumberjack" shirts are not
allowed. Scarves, hats and gloves may only be worn in cold conditions. They must be
removed inside and during lessons.
Flat, black, boots may be worn only if they fit under the trouser leg. Boots must not be
worn with skirts.
Shoes must be plain black. No high heels. Whilst canvas style shoes are acceptable,
trainers are not allowed.
Very discreet make-up is acceptable. This means no bright eye shadow or lipstick/gloss
and no eye liner or false eye-lashes. Coloured nail varnish, fake nails and jewellery
(including rings) are not allowed. One charity band is allowed. Body, nose, lip and
eyebrow studs of any description, including clear ones are not allowed. Only small ear
studs can be worn in each ear. Spikes and spacers are not allowed. Ankle bracelets are
not allowed.
All very long hair should be tied back for safety reasons for example during Science,
Tech and PE. Pupils will be reminded of this by their teachers when they are working in
areas such as workshops and laboratories.
Hair, if dyed, must be a natural colour. No extremes of hair style ( patterns cut in
the hair). Other than reflecting a pupils’ cultural background, braiding is not allowed.
Books and equipment should be carried in a strong, sensible bag which is named and of a
suitable size. It is in use between school and home and from room to room in school.
Glass containers for drinks must not be brought into school, for safety reasons. Only
water is allowed in lessons. Energy drinks are not allowed.
If it is necessary for a pupil to appear temporarily in school, in clothing which is not
school uniform, a letter or explanation must be written to the tutor.
o) Sweatshirts are a compulsory part of school uniform.
Cycle helmets MUST be worn when riding a bike to and from school; reflective
armbands are advised. Bicycles must be locked up when parked in the bike shed.
Additional Uniform Guidelines
 Black Trousers – please see codes below from
well-known retailers:
 Skoolkit code: 3831 Westbury -£18.50-£22.99
 Primark code: 083334 Slim Trouser - £5
083330 Regular Bootcut - £5
 New Look code: 3789984-AW16 BI Stretch Slim
- £12.99
3634674-SS16 BI Stretch Slim
- £12.99
 M&S code: T76/1286 Senior Girls Skinny
Trousers £15
 Black Skirt – must be pleated skirt which is knee
length (top of knee) – please see codes below:
 Skoolkit code: SK303 Charleston Pleat Skirt –
 M&S code: T76/0174 Permanent Pleat Skirt – two
for £16.00
 No jodhpurs, jeans, chinos, jeggings, leggings or
tracksuit bottoms.
 No decorative detailing i.e. outside pockets,
visible labels, studs or zips on pockets.
 No skater skirts.
 No straight/tight-fitting skirts.
 No splits.
 Black Trousers – please see codes below from
well-known retailers:
 Skoolkit code: ST1 Senior - £14.99-£16.99
 Primark code: 060342 Regular Slim Fit - £10
060333 Fine Twill Trouser - £12
 M&S code: T76/3616G Flat Front Regular – two
for £17
T76/3620 Flat Front Skinny Leg –
two for £17
 No jeans, skinny jeans, chinos, cords.
 No decorative detailing i.e. outside pockets,
visible labels, studs or zips on pockets.