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‘A Night at the Oscars’ is from 6-7.30pm in the hall. There will be refreshments available on the day. This is a formal event, black tie is not necessary although you can if you wish! If your son/daughter does well during the day in the competition they will be performing in the evening event. Even if they are not performing they are more than welcome to stay and watch (at no cost to them) so please don’t hesitate to buy a ticket for the event just in case!

Pupils individually won’t be performing all day. Pupils will perform in the different events and at the end of the school day, if they are not in the music competition, can go home. All pupils involved are welcome to stay the whole length of the event (until 10pm), however unless they are performing in the big event (8-10) they will need to buy a ticket to watch. It is a fundraising event afterall! The canteen will be open as normal during the day and refreshments will be available to buy from 3pm onwards.

Music scholarships:

Once we know how much money we have raised we shall make a decision on how many music scholarships to offer (and for how much). Pupils and parents who wish to bid for a scholarship need to show the efforts they have made to learn an instrument before (i.e. they had lessons until they had to stop for financial reasons, they attend music clubs on a regular basis, they show willness and effort in music lessons.) Pupils who receive a scholarship are expected to practice regularly and take part in music events/music clubs or they could be at risk of losing the scholarship.