We encourage pupils to use a wide range of extra resources:

In Key stage 3 we recommend the BBC Bitesize and BBC History websites, as these are designed for secondary school pupils.

At GCSE level we encourage pupils to do their own research into key figures and events using websites of their choice.  However, the school subscibes to GCSE Pod and pupils will be given a free code to allow them to access topic sized podcasts linked to the History curriculum. 

We recommend the CGP GCSE AQA History Revision Guide and we bulk order them to allow them to be sold to the pupils at a reduced cost.

Extra-Curricula Opportunities

We organise a trip to the First World War battlefields around Ypres, Belgium in Year 9 .

We offer extra support to Year 11 in the build up to their final exam.  This is in the form of after school revision sessions every week throughout Year 11 and during the Easter Holidays.