After School

Art Club (Thursday 3.15-4.30pm): A range of activities within the club offer pupils of all abilities the opportunity to try their hand and develop their artistic skills using a wide range of materials and media, including those not normally used within lesson, as well as traditional drawing and painting.

Pupils from different year groups (7, 8 & 9) exchange ideas, explore and experiment with techniques, materials and tools.  Artworks are undertaken individually as well as group collaboration projects. The facilities are also available to students who may wish to complete class project work or extend their learning experiences within the broad spectrum of the arts.


Key Stage 4 Catch Up Sessions: The facilities are open every afternoon after school, except Fridays, to all Year 10 & 11 Art students who may wish to catch-up and complete coursework.  Please check with your art teacher which rooms will be available.


Stage Set Club (October-December): The school production is held every year and assistance is required with scenery and props for the show.  Full details will be available in September; speak to your Art teacher if you are interested in helping.



Year 10: Tate Modern - a fantastic chance to enhance our Year 10 students knowledge and inspire their creativeness.