About the Science Department

The Science Department aims to achieve excellence in examination results through the provision of lessons which challenge and engage pupils. We are a very well resourced department located on the upper floor of the main block. There are seven well equipped laboratories serviced by a single preparation room. A set of mobile net books are available for pupil use.

Science Department Staff

Mrs M Cooper Head Of Science

Mrs M Cooper

Head of Department
Mr M Brimson Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Brimson

Assistant Headteacher/Science Teacher

Mrs M Breakspear Science Department

Mrs M Breakspear

Science Teacher
Miss S Cosserat Science Department

Miss S Cosserat

Deputy Head of Department

Mrs F Martins

Science Teacher
Miss E Lister Science Department

Miss E Lister

Science Teacher
Mr T Woolger Science Department Mr T Woolger Science Teacher
Mrs J John Science Department

Mrs J John

Science Teacher 

Mr B Hayford Science Department 

Mr B Hayford

Science Teacher

Mr J Punnett Science Department 

Mr J Punnett

Science Teacher

Mrs Z Chapman Science Technician

Miss Z Chapman

Science Technician
Mr P Bowden Science Technician

Mr P Bowden

Science Technician