PE - Kit

Boys & Girls PE Kit

All pupils are required to be in full and correct PE kit for all PE lessons.  The PE kit for all years is:


Hurst College navy and white reversible rugby shirt #

Hurst College white crested polo shirt #

Hurst College navy crested shorts #

Plain dark navy blue or black Tracksuit Bottoms (minimal logos)

Pair of Hurst College crested sports socks #

Pair of trainers - sensible sport trainers and not plimsoles (brought to all lessons)

Football or rugby boots (Activities on grass during Winter/Spring terms)

Bottle of water



# These must be ordered through Sportswear International (please see the link below) as they are not available elsewhere.

PE Kit Ordering - Sportswear International


A reminder to all parents regarding the situation with kit - it is expected that all pupils bring kit to all of their PE lessons regardless of whether they are taking place practically in the lesson. We encourage them to bring extra layers if they are not taking part in a practical sense so that they do not get cold, however if they are in kit then they can take on the role of an official or coach in their lessons and still learn and make progress.

We also strongly encourage all pupils to bring a bottle of water to each lesson.  To ensure that they do not become dehydrated whilst exercising.