Key Stage 3 - Music (Years 7, 8 & 9)

music ks3



Year 7

Year 8 

 Year 9


Musical Elements

Renaissance Dance Music



African Drumming


Musical Cyles


Music & Media



Programme Music

Classical Music

Club Dance Music


Processional Music




Rock Music



Singing for the Stars

The Blues

Cool Keys


Musical Elements - Intro to musical elements and to provide a blanket basics for year group.
Renaissance Dance Music - Focus on period history and learning about dance suites.
Serialism/Chromaticism -  Period history and use of atonality.
African Drumming - Focus on drumming techniques and polyrhythm.
Musical Cycles - Focus on Gamelan, cannons and Minimalism.
Music & Media - Use of sound in film and TV.
Programme Music - Set a scene/mood through sound focus on melody and notation skills.
Classical Music - Focus on period history and learning about the Minuet dance.
Club Dance Music - Developing sequencing skills through a composition and remixing.
Processional Music - Music used for out doors entertainment, focus on Sambra
Romanticism - Timbre learning about orchestra and motif development
Rock Music - Focus on guitar skills and small group ensemble performance.
Singing for the Stars - Develop part/harmony vocal techniques eg. backing singing/piano styles.
The Blues - Focus on period history and learning about the 12 bar blues chord structure through song and intro to improvisation blues scale.
Cool Keys - Focus on developing blues through improvisation and performance.