About the Music Department

We are a lively department, full at lunch and after school with music loving pupils taking part in various clubs or practice activities.  There are two music teachers, Head of Music, Mrs Long and Mrs Gamblin.  Both teacher's have been at the Hurst Community College for at least 5 years during which time they have established a number of different music clubs from 'Senior Band' - a large group of musicians who perform the music for the school production such as Follow the Star, Charlie and the Chocoloate Factory, Gifted and Talented Year 7 group, which is run by our music leaders (a group of KS4 pupils who run clubs and concerts) and perform vocal pieces to African drumming, Saxophone group (who also welcome clarinet players), Brass group, Flute group and Jazz band (performing music like Take Five).


The department puts on at least 2 concerts a year where pupils audition to take part and there is a wide range of years and styles taking place.  There is a summer term inter-house music competition where each tutor group puts forward a performance (group, individual, duet) of their choice in any style they like and using any instrument/vocal combination.  All performances gain house points for their tutor group and house, which goes towards the House Shield at the end of the year.  The selected performances go forward to perform in a mini concert in the school hall and the chance to be crowned Hurst Musician(s) of the Year!


Currently the department runs two KS4 qualifications, GCSE Music and Music BTEC with a class in each year group.  Both courses encourage pupils to perform and develop their knowledge of music and the music industry.  Pupils who take these courses go on to college, to study a variety of A-levels (Music, Tech etc.) and BTECs (Performing Arts etc.), with a number continuing into higher education degree courses.

The Music department works closely with the Drama department putting on the school show and our West End Theatre trip to London, where pupils in the past have been given the chance to see 2 musicals, experience a backstage tour of a theatre and look around the O2 British Music Experience.

The Music department also hosts a number of workshops from Gamelan Orchestras, African drumming to Taiko drumming.

Music Department Staff


Mrs Long Mrs R Long Head of Music Department 
  Miss H Townsend Music Teacher

Instrumental Teachers

  Mr P White Piano and Cello Teacher 
  Mrs Moore Piano and Keyboard Teacher 
  Mrs J Arthur Violin and Viola Teacher 
  Mr J Riches Brass Teacher
  Mrs W Harding Percussion Teacher 
  Mrs A Rosic Classical Guitar Teacher 
  Mr M Bereen Woodwind Teacher 
  Mrs S Ludford Woodwind Teacher 
  Mr D Reece Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar Teacher 

Key Stage 3 - Music (Years 7, 8 & 9)

music ks3



Year 7

Year 8 

 Year 9


Musical Elements

Renaissance Dance Music



African Drumming


Musical Cyles


Music & Media



Programme Music

Classical Music

Club Dance Music


Processional Music




Rock Music



Singing for the Stars

The Blues

Cool Keys


Musical Elements - Intro to musical elements and to provide a blanket basics for year group.
Renaissance Dance Music - Focus on period history and learning about dance suites.
Serialism/Chromaticism -  Period history and use of atonality.
African Drumming - Focus on drumming techniques and polyrhythm.
Musical Cycles - Focus on Gamelan, cannons and Minimalism.
Music & Media - Use of sound in film and TV.
Programme Music - Set a scene/mood through sound focus on melody and notation skills.
Classical Music - Focus on period history and learning about the Minuet dance.
Club Dance Music - Developing sequencing skills through a composition and remixing.
Processional Music - Music used for out doors entertainment, focus on Sambra
Romanticism - Timbre learning about orchestra and motif development
Rock Music - Focus on guitar skills and small group ensemble performance.
Singing for the Stars - Develop part/harmony vocal techniques eg. backing singing/piano styles.
The Blues - Focus on period history and learning about the 12 bar blues chord structure through song and intro to improvisation blues scale.
Cool Keys - Focus on developing blues through improvisation and performance.


Key Stage 4 - Music (Years 10 & 11)

Why take Music next year?

 How do I know if I'll be any good at it?

 What are the options available?

 What could it lead onto in the future?

music ks4 1

How do I know if I'll be any good at it?

Have you enjoyed Music in KS3?

Do you enjoy performing?

Do you desire to improve?

If you can play/sing/listen in lessons now you will be fine!

You ONLY need to be able to play 1 of the following instruments:


Even if you think its not to a high standard - I say it's just not to a high standard YET!

music ks4 2


What are the options available?

Options Available - GCSE

A new and exciting course learning about music from all parts of history and the world.

A must if you to go on to Music A Level or even a Music Degree.

Course Content


30% Performing

As a soloist and in an ensemble (band)

30% Composition

Write two of your own pieces

40% Listening Exam

A bit like 'Disc of the Week' but longer, and more Italian!


The course to choose if you want to understand Music better and want to know why and how things sound good.  You'll be able to perform better, compose better and listen with knowledge and understanding.


Options Available - BTEC

A new and exciting vocational course to prepare you for the world of work!

Course Content


33% Working in a Muscial Ensemble (Performing)

33% Creating your own Music Product (i.e. CD or concert)

33% The Music Industry (Jobs, careers and how to get them)


The option to take if you love performing Music in bands but don't like exams (or the Italian!).

  • Little music theory (Learn a lot in teams)
  • Learning is COURSEWORK and practical based
  • Improve rehearsal techniques, performance skills and confidence
  • Better at organising yourself
  • Understand what it means to become a professional musician
  • (Oh and you get to work in the recording studio!) 

What could it lead onto in the future?

Every thought of having a job where you spend the whole day listening to, performing and creating music?  TEACH MUSIC!

Teaching Music, either as a classroom teacher or as a peripatetic teacher.

Over 200 types of jobs are available including:-

  • Session Musicians
  • Recording Studio Engineer
  • Producer
  • Concert Hall Manager
  • Music Therapist
  • Composer of Film Music, TV Themes, Adverts, Apps, Wii games.

For further careers within the music industry look at http://www.careersinmusic.com/music-jobs.aspx

You will also gain the following skills to assist you in alternative areas of employment:-

  • Organisational and planning skills
  • Confidence
  • Greater written and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking
  • IT skills
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Creativity
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Career Planning


Any other reasons?

Because you enjoy it

Because it is fun

And it teaches you all of these and more!

  • Promotes cooperation, social harmony and teaches discipline
  • Music augments memory
  • Singing is a great way to aid/improve reading ability and instructions
  • Enhances language, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Improves critical reading and writing
  • Decreases performance anxiety and teaches how to handle/manage stress
  • Channels unexpressed and/or negative emotions in a positive way
  • Boosts creative thinking
  • Reading music and performing memorized pieces help you to think ahead
  • Improvisation helps people to "think on their feet"
  • Self-esteem and self efficacy
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Higher levels of concentration

Music Concerts & Competitions

'There are plenty of opportunities to exhibt pupils talents throughout the school year!'


Autumn and Spring Term Music concerts have a wide range of pupils performing an equally wide range of musical genre, so something for everyone. Pupils have to audition to take part in the events and competition is high.

In the Summer term an interhouse music competition takes place where pupils from each tutor group audition to make it through to the final after-school concert to be crowned 'Hurst Musician(s) of the Year. Taking part in this events at any stage provides pupils' with points for their Tutor Group and House.