Why Study Languages?


Languages are becoming increasingly important in today's society.  There are numerous reasons why learning a language can enhance experiences and broaden horizons.  Benefits of learning foreign languages include:

Tomorrow's world - 52.7% of Europeans are fluent in two languages and in many countries it's normal for people to be able to use three languages. 
- Job opportunities - 94% of employers think that foreign langauge skills are important.  Knowing languages gives you an edge over monolingual applicants competing for the same jobs. 
- Knowing about other cultures - 75% of the world's population does not speak any English at all.  The encouter with cultures different from your own leads to an understanding of diverse lifestyles and cultures. 
- Travel and study abroad opportunities - Studying abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime and is becoming more popular.  Students are fully immersed and integrated into the academic an social life of the country in which they are studying or travelling through - the ideal way to improve their language skills further. 

MFL Department Staff

Mrs Webb Mrs L Webb Head of MFL (French/Spanish/German)
Mr Goodfellow Mr R Goodfellow Deputy Head of MFL (German/French)
Mrs White Mrs S White MFL Teacher (German/French)

 Mrs Godfrey

Mrs A Godfrey MFL Teacher (German/French)