Key Stage 3

Mathematics is a progressive subject - in order to master a given skill, it is often necessary to have mastered other skills already.  With this in mind we have organised the secondary maths curriculum into 'stages' and we name them according to the colours of the rainbow.  Pupil's work on a given stage for a year and then move on to the next stage in order to build their skill level across a broad range of topics.  We also work through four phases each year before revising them all at the end.  

The phases are: 

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape
  • Data

Each pahase concludes with a test.  There is not a set length of time allocated to each phase as, for example in the purple stage, there is a great deal of algebra and not so much number, whereas in the orange stage there is much more number and not so much algebra to cover.  They last 'roughly' 6-8 weeks each.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we prepare pupils for the AQA GCSE exam and therefore our whole curriculum has the AQA syllabus at its core.  We continue to work through coloured stages until the end of Year10 and in Year 11 pupils are given the finishing touches including plenty of 'past paper' practice.

Pupils will sit 3 exams of 1.5 hours, two with a calculator and one without.

To Support Your Learning

We offer Maths Clinic every Monday and Thursday evening after school.  This is where pupils are able to speak to a maths teacher about work that they need help with.

We are members of the PiXL Club and as such all our pupil's have access to the 'PiXL Maths App'.  This is an online resource that allows pupils to practice skills on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

We are also subscribers to 'MyMaths'.  This is another online resource that allows teachers to set homework, and pupils to practice skills with step by step lessons.

We sell CGP Revision Guides in school - please ask your maths teacher for details.


We recommend the follwoing websites to support home study.  They have plenty of videos and questions for practice: 

  • GCSE Take-Away

  • Revision - 5-a-day
  • Video and practice questions
  • Revision cards (available to purchase

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Every year some of our pupils take part in the UKMT Mathematics Challenges at Junior and Intermediate level.  We also enter teams in the UKMT 'Maths Feast'