Key Stage 4 - History

Year 10 & 11 (GCSE)


Pupils carry out high quality enquiry work where they investigate historical events and individuals.  Pupils work collaboratively and independently on the following areas of study.
  • How did the Treaty of Versailes establish peace?
  • Why did the League of Nations fail in its aim to keep peace?
  • Why did Chamberlain's policy of appeasement fail to prevent the outbreak of war in 1939?
  • How did the Cold War develop in the years 1949-1955?
  • How and why did the USA achieve prosperity in the 1920s?
  • How and why was Hitler able to become Chancellor in January 1933?
  • To what extent did racial inequality exist in the USA in the 1950s?

Pupils carry out an historical enquiry on British people in war.  This is a controlled assessment which counts for 25% of their final grade.