A Place to be Proud of Awards 2017


We are certainly very proud of our History teacher Catherine Pettican and ex-student Faye Cotterell who were both nominated for awards in the recent 'A Place to be Proud of Awards' organised by Destination Basingstoke.

Catherine has worked for The Hurst for 9 years having joined as a newly qualified teacher in 2008.  She is an outstanding teacher and every year pupils in her class achieve excellent results.  She truly inspires the pupils she teaches and the quality of work the pupils produce is testament to that. Catherine finished in the top 4 for the Inspirational Teacher Award.

Ex-student Faye founded her dance school Dance Phaze in 2009 at the age of 18 and is one of the most inspirational, kind and encouraging people.  She runs fun and friendly dance classes at The Hurst and in the Tadley area.  So far Dance Phaze has put on 11 full scale theatre shows, performed in London's West End and at various local events.