Online Payment System Update

17thOctober 2016

Dear Parents / Carers,

Online payments

I’m delighted to see so many parents signing up to the online payment system, Scopay. I just wanted to update you about a few areas which we have had some queries about recently:

• Most of the time you will only see trips that are relevant to your child. However, if you log into your Scopay account and see a trip or equipment item which you do not recognise, please do not worry (including if it shows a negative balance). Sometimes, we won’t know exactly which children are going on a trip so we will open it to all in say, a particular year group. This is the same for revision guides – we don’t always know who will be asked to buy them. Unless you actually receive a letter with a return slip please do not make a payment for something you are unsure about.

• In the case of revision guides or other equipment items there is often a choice of items at different values. This should all be detailed in the letter home and you can tick the item you want on the reply slip and return. Please enter that value on Scopay against the item heading (we may not always list all the various options online so please just enter the total you are paying).

• You can pay online for the canteen but we have now stopped cheque payments. These were taking up valuable canteen staff time and so now there is either the choice to pay online or bring in cash and use the “reval machine” in the main hall. There will be an update soon to enable the machine to accept the new £5 notes.

• You cannot put catering top up AND a trip payment in the basket and pay for both at the same time. This is because the catering money is paid direct to ABM Catering’s bank account.

• For residential trips, the payment schedule will be detailed in the trip confirmation letter and once deposits are banked you will receive a payment sheet which you may return with future cash/cheque payments, this acts as your receipt. If paying through Scopay there is no need to return this sheet as all payment details will be available online.

Finally, if you have any queries please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call!


Mrs K Turner
Business Manager